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Services  (20% Cash Discount available, not reflected here)  Prices
Emergency Fee
(Schedule Dependent)
Dog Euthanasia/Cremation
(Individual Cremations Additional Cost)
Dog Euthanasia Only $275.00
Dog Neuter* $350.00
Dog Teeth Cleaning $325.00
Cat Euthanasia/Cremation
(Individual Cremations Additional Cost)
Cat Euthanasia Only $225.00
Cat Spay* $300.00
Cat Neuter* $275.00
Cat Declaw Front Feet** $350.00
Cat Declaw Four  Feet** $450.00
Cat Teeth Cleaning $325.00
Health Certificate $100.00
Nail Trim  $25.00 
Products (20% Cash Discount available, not reflected here) Prices
Clavamox 62.5mg - 14ct $50.00
Clavamox 125mg - 14ct $50.00
Clavamox 250mg - 14ct $55.00
Clavamox 375mg - 14ct $65.00
Clindamycin Drops $50.00
Trifexis (Flea & HW-All sizes (6)  $250.00 
Interceptor Plus (HWP) 8-25  (6) $70.00
Interceptor Plus (HWP) 25-50 (6) $90.00
Interceptor Plus (HWP)50-100 (6) $110.00
Sentinel Spectrum (Flea & HW)8-25 (6) $90.00
Sentinel Spectrum (Flea & HW) 25-50 (6) $110.00
Sentinel Spectrum (Flea & HW) 50-100 (6) $130.00
Frontline Gold-All Sizes     (6) $205.00
Nexgard (Flea & Tick Pill)-All sizes $220.00
Cheristain for Cats (Flea) $185.00
ProVecta (flea) Dog and Cat 4pk $50.00
Proin 50 - 180 ct $135.00
Rimadyl 100mg - 180ct $380.00
Rimadyl 100mg - 60ct $120.00
 Carprofen (Rimadyl) 100mg/180ct  $250.00
 Carprofen (Rimadyl) 100mg/60ct  $100.00
Tresaderm Ear Drops   15 ml $60.00
Posatex Ear Ointment    $75.00
Triple AB Eye Ointment $30.00
Triple AB Eye Drops 30ml $50.00
 Sileo gel (firework/thunder anxiety)  $60.00

 Cash, Checks, Mastercard, Visa,
 American Express, Discover Card

House Call   93.00 (20% Cash Discount available)

  • Within normal work area
  • Gwinnett Co. and surrounding area
  • Physical Exam and Consultation
  • Tests are additional cost
  • Medications are additional costs


Dog Yearly Vaccinations     260.00  
          (no house call fee)
           (20% Cash Discount available)

  • DHPP/C (Parvo and Distemper)
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Rabies 1year
  • Heartworm Test
  • Fecal Test
  • Rabies tag and Certificate
  • TLC


Cat Yearly Vaccinations         200.00
        (no house call fee) 
       (20% Cash Discount available)    

  • Physical exam
  • FVRCP/C (Feline 4-way, Distemper)
  • Felv (Leukemia)
  • Rabies 1 year
  • Tag and Certificate
  • TLC
NOTE: All prices are subject to change based on a case by case basis. These prices are an estimate only, and are placed here to assist you in your decision making process. 20% Cash Discount is provided on all services and products on this page. We are offering the cash discount to encourage and reward the use of cash, this simplifies our job because of the high number of returned checks and declined credit cards we receive. To reiterate, checks are not considered cash. For a more accurate quote call 770-271-9795. All house calls are by appointment only.

*Due to how busy we are, we will be cutting back on our surgeries. Each surgery will be taken on a case by case basis. We have stopped doing dog spays at this time. Surgeries will be limited to what we can do in the clients home rather than transported to our in home surgery, although cat declaws will still be done in the office.

** We also charge for an antibiotic for cat declaws, pricing is based on weight but the average cost is $50 per cat
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